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Kayak Instruction

We offer instruction to customers who rent a kayak: a one-hour lesson can be arranged at your rental property the morning after your arrival for $100. We strongly encourage customers to get some training at the property where they will be using the kayak. Our instructor holds a Level 1 ACA Certification.

For folks living on the Blue Hill Peninsula who would like to buy a kayak and would like some training or for folks staying at a property not on the water, we offer two hours of instruction in Blue Hill for $50/person


Tandem Recreational Kayak Rentals


Mfrs. Description: Comfortable, stable, lightweight and affordable, the Otter is Old Town's solution for family water fun. Its superior design tracks better and paddles easier than others in its class. The high-back seat offers exceptional comfort. The larger cockpit allows for easier entry and exit. And because the Otter is lightweight, it's easy to cartop or carry.

  • Spacious cockpit for easier entry/exit
  • Lightweight, single layer construction
  • Contoured carrying handles
  • Most have an adjustable high-back folding seat with cup holder

otter tandem kayak

otter tandem kayak

Loon 138

Mfrs. Description: A stable yet efficient tandem kayak whose hull design offers paddling ease and tracking ability superior to that of other entry level kayaks. With excellent stability, the tandem Loon 138 offers ease of paddling for parent and child, or two children.

  • Rear Space Hatch™ with foam bulkheads for enhanced gear storage
  • Ergonomic Extrasport XtraComfort Seat
  • Carrying handles
  • Adjustable foot braces
  • Paddle holder
  • Length: 13’ 8” / 4.2m
  • Weight: 62.5 lbs / 28.4 kg
  • Capacity: 400 lbs / 181 kg

Loon 138 tandem kayak

Loon 160

As our most popular tandem kayak, the Loon 160 combines paddling ease, tracking ability and excellent stability. With a very large cockpit opening, the Loon 160 is very easy to get into and out of. The Loon 160 can also be paddled solo simply by folding the aft seat down and sliding the forward seat to the middle.

  • Length: 16’ 0”
  • Weight: 70 lbs
  • Capacity: 500 lbs

Loon 160 tandem kayak


Tandem Performance Recreational Kayak Rentals

Current Designs – Double Vision

The Current Designs Double Vision tandem kayak is roomy and fun, and capable of hauling 625 lbs. worth of paddlers and gear. The shallow-V hull enhances tracking and offers friendly stability and a lively feel in the water; low decks minimize wind resistance and design allows bow to punch through waves instead of riding up and over them. The Double Vision is equipped with, keyhole-shaped cockpits with thigh braces, adjustable seat and seat back, easily adjustable foot pegs, cockpit-deployable rudder, and equipped with bow and stern dry compartments.

  • Length: 16’ 8”
  • Weight: 88 lbs
  • Capacity: 625 lbs
  • width: 28"

Current Designs – Double Vision